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Umbra makes it easy to stream optimized 3D content into your app directly from the cloud. Export options allow you to choose between graphical fidelity and runtime performance.

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Why Umbra?


Export your content with a single click using Umbra Composit™ Plug-in to Umbra’s cloud for optimization.


Umbra processes your 3D data in the cloud and creates an optimized mesh with multiple levels of detail that can be used alongside other content in your app.


Easily stream the optimized 3D meshes directly into Unity using Umbra Composit™ Runtime element.


Embed Umbrafied content alongside other content in your app, or combine multiple Umbrafied models into a single scene.


Ease of Use

Umbra makes remeshing of your models easy with straight-forward computation parameters and an intuitive user interface inside Unity.

Reduce Size Restrictions

Umbra can easily handle arbitrarily complex 3D geometry with no complexity of data size restrictions by creating a multi-resolution remeshing of the original geometry, which can be used alongside existing content in your app.


The Umbra’s Runtime component efficiently streams in assets when required into your app and allows you to make the best use of a cloud-based repository of 3D content.

Competitive Advantage

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Designing, rendering and sharing complex 3D models with co-workers and customers can be a time-consuming venture. With Umbra, you can accelerate design and make it easy to share your vision with anyone, anywhere.

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