One-click, fully automated 3D optimization and delivery to mobile and AR devices.

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Umbra has spent more than a decade delivering 3D optimization solutions to the most demanding video game publishers in the world. Leveraging our learnings and experience, Umbra has now launched Composit, the first fully automated optimization and delivery platform for even the largest and most complex 3D data.

So how does it work?


Any 3D data set, be it large point clouds or complex polygon models, can be exported directly to Umbra Composit, where our system automatically divides the input into smaller computation tasks. These tasks are then parallel-processed in the cloud, distributing the work over many cloud instances, allowing for rapid processing of even the largest data sets.

During processing, Umbra applies various optimizations:

  • Hierarchical level of detail (LOD) generation
  • Mesh, texture and draw call optimization
  • Occlusion culling to render only camera-visible objects
  • Data retargeting for all viewing platforms


After restructuring your 3D data set into Umbra’s optimized format and spatial database, the data is stored in your secure Composit account, giving you the flexibility to access your data anywhere, any time. Umbra also lets you save versions of your data, customize sharing options and manage read/write access.

Umbra uses only de facto industry standard hosting providers and best practices, ensuring both security and reliability.


While processing power in mobile and AR devices is slowly improving, it’s still simply not possible to store or locally render large 3D datasets in their original format. That’s why Umbra streams your 3D data, geometry and textures.

Composit streams in only the data required for rendering at any given time. To reach desired frame rates, it comprehends device capability, automatically adjusts for rendering and level of detail, and tracks what the user is actually looking at, eliminating extraneous streaming and rendering. The result is the highest quality rendering and best performance possible on every supported device.


Umbra’s mobile viewer is the client side application you can use to view, interact, and collaborate with your 3D data and other users. From your Umbra account you can easily invite others to collaborate on your design via web browsers, or mobile and AR-capable devices.

Your colleagues or customers will receive an email and a secure token that will allow them to sign in, view whatever you want to share in your Composit account, and interact with your 3D content real-time.

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Umbra also offers:

  • multiple seat Composit enterprise licenses
  • per-project Composit licenses
  • additional viewer read-only licenses for co-workers or customers to view your models

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