Um·bra·fy: ˈəmbrəˌfī/, verb, to automatically optimize complex 3D models with a single click.

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Our customers use Umbra to rapidly gather feedback from collaborators, or create jaw-dropping augmented reality presentations to impress customers. Whatever it is you choose to use it for, it’s fast and easy, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Composit is the only fully automated cloud-based 3D optimization solution on the market that applies Umbra’s patented algorithms to intelligently optimize complex models that, until now, weren’t even loadable on most platforms.


Umbra Composit simplifies your workflow, allowing you to upload your design directly from your chosen design software package.


It then automatically optimizes your model for viewing on everything from your smartphone to Augmented Reality headsets using Umbra Pryzm.


Sharing content is as easy as sending an e-mail. Instead of waiting for hours to render, or weeks to hand optimize, you’re able to preview your 3D work in minutes.

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Single Composit License: Select the duration for your license and we'll bill you monthly.

Umbra also offers:

  • multiple seat Composit enterprise licenses
  • per-project Composit licenses
  • additional Pryzm read-only licenses for co-workers or customers to view your models

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