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The Hatadage

High-resolution photogrammetry scene

A beautiful 3D model of the Hatadage, a shrine built by King Nissanka Malla in the 12th century to host the relic of a tooth of the Buddha. The shrine is located in the North Central province of Sri Lanka, in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa.

The laser scans and photographs were captured by the Zamani Project during a field campaign in 2019. The Zamani Project captures spatial information of important Heritage Sites, mostly in Africa, to create a permanent digital record of sites for restoration and conservation purposes and as a record for future generations.

The 3D model was created by the Zamani Project using Z+F Laser Control and Reality Capture Software. To create the online version, it was further processed by the Umbra Command Line Tool included in the Umbra SceneStream SDK.

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