Umbra & Spotscale Presents: The Castle of Kalmar in HoloLens

We did some optimization for Spotscale a while back, as they had this huge 3D model of Kalmar Castle. The original data is 1,5M triangles which makes it kinda hard to run on any device. Our tech automatically reduced the triangle count to 72 000, allowing the content to run perfectly on HoloLens. Here is a short teaser of the project, more details will follow soon. Also, take a look into how the technology actually works.

I know our slogan Any 3D Content, Any Device sounds like marketing mumbo jumbo, but it’s actually true. You can use it to optimize content for gaming consoles, mobile phones, Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets.. Anything really as long as you have 3D graphics rendered in real time. I’m excited to finally be able to show you guys our tech on HoloLens too. Enjoy!

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