Visualization of large point clouds

To get more understanding about the concept of point clouds, we did a simple prototype for visualizing massive point clouds here at Umbra. Point cloud simply means a set of 3D points, which are typically gathered by scanning real world with an airplane or rotating scanning station. Point clouds are largely used in non-gaming industry … Continued

Developing VR technology for mobile devices – how did we do it

Virtual and augmented reality is coming big time. New generation of VR headsets are already providing totally new and immersive ways to experience 3D like never before — now would be a good time to jump aboard the train for new tomorrow! Umbra has been working on a new technology for providing automatic solution for … Continued

Umbra goes Vision Summit 2016

In Finland we have this thing called endless winter, but we did finally manage to see some sun during the Vision Summit 2016 that was held last week at Loews Hollywood Hotel. Needless to say we were more than happy to attend, especially as we got our GearVR-demo ready to go public just few days before. There … Continued

From occlusion culling to LOD – see the new Umbra tech in action

Umbra is currently known for its industry leading automatic occlusion culling solution. Many triple A studios use it and it’s integrated in the Unity Engine. If you use occlusion culling in Unity, you are already using our product! For more detailed information about occlusion culling in Unity, please check out Jasin’s great write-up here. The problem … Continued