Pokémon GO – Why AR is more exciting than VR

I guess everyone has heard about Pokémon Go already – after all the whole internet is amazed by this simple yet captivating game that’s got us all running after imaginary animal-like beings like crazies. The trick lies within location based augmented reality, which creates a totally different layer to the world we live in. Not only … Continued

E3 2016 – Meet Our Favorites

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as people usually call it, was held once more at Los Angeles Convention Center last week. Although we did hear a lot of rumors and leaks before the event, there was room for some surprises too. Here I’ve gathered a list of my personal favorites from press conferences and … Continued

Knee-Deep in the Dead again – DOOM is here!

Excuse me kids, grandpa needs to sit down for this one… I can still remember that cold Saturday back in December 1993 when my friend came over with a stack of floppy disks that he’d been downloading overnight with his top-of-the line 14400bps (hey, that’s a whopping 1.8 kilobytes per second!) Supra modem from a local … Continued

Why we need more powerful consoles – or do we?

I consider gamers quite lucky. We have tons of devices to play with, something for every taste and need. I jumped out of my #PcMasterRace life after getting bored with the constant component upgrading I felt I had to do in order to keep up, and have been a console girl ever since. I don’t … Continued

Where is the VR version of my favorite big video game?

Consumer Virtual Reality is finally here! Oculus and HTC Vive cater for the ones who want the best visuals and have the deepest pockets, whereas Gear VR, Google Cardboard are for consumers who prefer a lower price point and appreciate mobility over visual fidelity. Every platform has plenty of content to consume from 360 videos … Continued

Freedom to roam – open worlds are great!

Since Fallout 4 came out my other hobbies have been put aside for a while. It’s my favorite type of game; I’ve spent countless of hours in previous Fallouts all the way from the first game in the series, as well as other open world games such as Skyrim and Witcher 3. In Fallout the … Continued

5 best Star Wars games – with or without Umbra

I was born in the late 70’s so the original Star Wars trilogy had a major impact on my life growing up.  As practically all my friends, I watched the movies countless times and still remember all of them to a silly detail. Lucas’ new trilogy was unable to capture the same magic for the much … Continued

What Destiny taught us about teamwork

    Obviously Bungie’s sci-fi shooter has been out for a fair amount of time and the game hasn’t been no stranger to us Umbrians. We’ve been raiding, looting and grinding for over a year now, some more actively than others. Recently published The Taken King -expansion got us all together again working for the greater … Continued