Antti Ylimutka

SceneStream - The redesigned customer portal goes beta

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July 1, 2020

The SceneStream customer portal has been in somewhat of a need to be redesigned for a while now. Luckily, today is the day we finally get to show what we've been working on. Welcome to the beta of the redesigned portal at

SceneStream's redesigned customer portal on the screen of a modern desktop computer.

Our initial aim has been to offer better visibility into the optimization (or umbrafication, if you may) process itself. To help with this, we are introducing some new concepts that also better reflect how the product works under the hood:

Inputs: List of the raw input 3D data you have uploaded to SceneStream

Computations: List of computations that have been conducted. Here you can follow the progress, see the total number of tasks generated and more

Outputs: List of the optimized 3D outputs that you have generated

Links: A list of persistent links to outputs you have created. Links are used to share and deploy your 3D content into apps and websites

We've also added smaller improvements, such as storing and visualizing the used computation parameters and unique scene identifier that allows you to skip re-uploading your input. These are extremely helpful as sometimes umbrafying can be a bit of an iterative process to find those perfect parameters to match your input 3D and use case.

You can read more in-depth articles about each concept at our support center.

Despite there being lots to improve upon on the redesigned portal we wanted to ship early and keep making the portal better as we receive your feedback. The current customer portal will keep on co-existing for the time being.

If there's any feedback or issues that arise, don't hesitate to reach out to us.