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Knee-Deep in the Dead again - DOOM IS HERE

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April 9, 2020

With the recent release of DOOM Eternal, we dug into our blog archives to resurrect this absolute gem posted in May 2016 from our very own, the one and only, resident ass-hat, DPO, Murkku - the Cloud Anarchist who spends the next 10 minutes remininiscing how the spawns of Hell will once again get their ass kicked.

According to him, DOOM Eternal is still the best way to celebrate Easter - a constant, soul-soothing, mouth-watering, gore-infused, ass-kicking, buttery smooth 60 fps piece-of-entertainment-art for cramming those spawns of evil right back into the dark abyss very often referred to as... and earning your passage for redemption. Buckle up kids, this one's a Hell of a ride!

Excuse me kids, grandpa needs to sit down for this one…

I can still remember that cold Saturday back in December 1993 when my friend came over with a stack of floppy disks that he’d been downloading overnight with his top-of-the line 14400bps (hey, that’s a whopping 1.8 kilobytes per second!) Supra modem from a local BBS. “What the hell is on these?”, I asked with no pun intended. Little did I know that hell indeed was about to be unleashed on my PC. Oh yes, Satan himself was hosting this Xmas with lava hot hell on Phobos! Pentagrams, demons, zombies, Big eFfing Guns and chainsaws everywhere – it was fracking awesome for a nascent Bad Religion fan! At the time DOOM’s graphics were nothing short of stunning and other real-time-rendered (FPS) games just couldn’t compete with id’s unparalleled engine. Semantics aside, it felt like a true 3D engine!

A rad-looking monster from DOOM Eternal blasting all-out with cannons coming out of its hands

Anyway, it didn’t take long before we’d hacked up some null-modem cables for local multiplayer games and it just exploded from there. We had to learn to optimize our DOS configs, setup networks, upgrade and overclock our PCs to match the ever growing demands of the cutting edge 3D games. By the time Quake came out I was already working in a PC shop building workstations & server clusters with the skills gaming had unintentionally taught me. So, it’s pretty safe to say games like DOOM and QuakeWorld have pushed me to become the hollow shell of a space marine that I am today.

But now it’s 2016, DOOM is back and the gates of hell are opening again. I’ve only subjected myself to the PS4 closed multiplayer beta of DOOM but it feels fresh in it’s old-school ways. Lately we’ve had a lot of these candy-colored shooters where you can cowardly regenerate your health by hiding behind some manga mushroom but DOOM accepts none of that – you’ll have to earn your existence! Every health pack needs to be fought for and is a permission to breathe and exterminate some more. DOOM’s gameplay is also infernally fast (running 60 frames-per-second at 1080p), so us veterans better start stockpiling those nitros & epilepsy pills. And yeah, I’m rambling as I’m a bit anxious to get my hands on the full version of the game. Luckily we won’t have to wait for many more hours…

DOOM Eternal legal disclaimer screen with featured middleware partners' logos

Back in the early nineties no-one in Finland thought you could be making an honest living with computer games (or 3D graphics in general) and thus it’s really an honor for us here at Umbra to be a part of something so groundbreaking and 3D historically remarkable as the DOOM franchise and id Software. I mean, c’mon! It’s the game that consolidated the first-person shooter genre, gave us multiplayer “deathmatch”, reinvented words like “frag” and and and…

Ok kids, time for grandpa’s nap now. Just remember that when I was your age, we rocket jumped all the way to school uphill, both ways… IN BOILING LAVA!

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