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We are seeking seasoned veterans, propeller hat scientists and enthusiastic students to join us and to be part of the team that will change the world of 3D graphics. Join us in bringing 3D to everyone!

Up for the challenge?
Read below what it’s like to work at Umbra and check out our open positions here!

“A highly skilled, hard-working, honest, loyal, self-motivated, positive team-player…”

We all know what a good employee sounds like, but nurturing that person’s spark – and even growing it – appears to be a challenging job for many companies. A lot of enthusiasm gets torpedoed by micromanaging, arrogant superiors, and bureaucratic stiffness, and while there is tremendous know-how out there, many talented individuals are stuck with boring and unrewarding careers that lead to nowhere fun.

Unless they’re working at Umbra, of course.

Bringing 3D to everyone

Umbra works with the very foundations of 3D graphics, and our mission is to build a set of tools that enable displaying arbitrarily large 3D scenes on any platform. Our technology is used in games such as Witcher 3, Destiny and the Call of Duty series, and we work with some of the biggest architecture and construction firms in the world, who are also leaders in adopting cutting-edge technology.

In order to be at the top of our game, we aren’t afraid to jump at difficult tasks and problems. We constantly find ourselves outside our comfort zone by doing things that have never been done before, and by pushing our creativity to the max we come up with the best solutions to the problems our customers are facing.

“The technical puzzles we solve are quite challenging, and will often require people to step up and face the challenge head on. We’re proud of the work we do and take it very seriously, so we’ve tried to create an environment where rigor, determination and getting things done are held in high value. On the other hand, we maintain a laid-back attitude towards people and life itself, and minimize all the other crap that typically gets in the way of doing your best work and enjoying the experience.
I think we’ve been pretty successful at that.”

Jasin Bushnaief
Head of R&D

Learning is taken seriously at Umbra, and we ensure our employees have everything they need in order to excel in their work. We give the freedom and the tools to put their skills to good use, and through an annual education budget available for all employees, we also make sure our talented team members stay ahead of the curve and direct their passions and interests into matters they themselves consider important. So not only do we have skilled, but also passionate people who enjoy working on their projects.

“I think the best thing about Umbra are the people working here. The concentration of expertise, creativity and optimism really motivates me to improve not only as an engineer but also as a person.”

Vinh Truong

We hire the best

We value our employees and want to make their lives as smooth as possible. In order to do so, we offer a daily lunch benefit, exercise vouchers, better than average employee health care, dental care, and relaxing (although sometimes rather painful) monthly visits to our massage therapist. Each Monday we also gather together for a plentiful breakfast to chat about all things possible between unicorns and Rocky Balboa.

Besides our perks, some of the best things about Umbra, according to our squad, are our experienced colleagues, freedom, challenging work, and the workplace itself that is located right in the heart of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We also opened a new office in San Francisco this year too, growing our headcount close to 30!

“Nobody wants to do my job, so they like me a lot here. I feel genuinely appreciated and that’s no BS!”

Elina Nygård
Executive Assistant

Check out our open positions here and send us an application we cannot say no to!


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