After all, what is Batman without Robin?

“This business would be so much fun if there were no customers.”
­ Anon.

I’ll tell you a secret: We at Umbra actually like if not even love our customers. It’s a
privilege to work with people who are so passionate about what they do. However,
there’s a but. We work with cutting edge technology, something that’s sometimes hard
even for us. Our customers know what they need and they push us with hard questions
and wishes for new features.

So, we love our customers, yes. We want to offer them the best possible customer
support. However, we also need to code. And as you know, coding is a sensitive process.
Whenever a programmer gets distracted he or she needs to start everything all over
again. Support requests are a distraction, and distraction is something we want to avoid.
Also, although all of our engineers enjoy spending time with our customers, they don’t
enjoy customer support emails that much – basically everything that’s not coding is

All you geeky, tech loving Umbra users: Your happiness is what matters to us. We want
to hear from you and make the support even better. However, after some interviews and
other research we found out that a lot could be done better: we should for example make
the Umbra evaluation phase easier and improve our documentation. We want to keep
doing the valuable personal support, but we also want to make self­service easier. You
are Batman to our Robin. Our job is to help you be the superheroes.

For years we’ve been wondering how to organize our customer support so that it’s good
for both, our customers and us. Currently one important factor is of course our new
product, which will probably grow the support needs as the amount of users grows.

For some time we were looking for a unicorn: a person who would be a kick­ass C++
graphics programmer and a passionate customer support specialist. We had no luck. We
realized that the kick­ass programmers want to program and the passionate customer
support specialists want to support. After an interesting service design process we’ve
come to the conclusion that we’ll create a new position: Product Support Lead.

In this position it’s not necessary to know how to code, but it’s absolutely necessary to
understand the needs of those who do. The first tasks of the chosen one are to evaluate
current processes and technology, and to identify areas of improvement and opportunities
for gains in customer success. After that the person will develop processes and
documentation to ensure the high quality of support.

So all you geeky, tech loving, people and customer service oriented persons out there:
Apply, and become our brand new Product Support Lead!

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