Umbra SceneStream

Unlocking Performance for Ultra-Large 3D

Umbra SceneStream development platform is a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing and delivering your terabyte-scale 3D content in full fidelity.

World-Scale 3D Scenes in any application

Bring your large-scale 3D datasets to life on any device in uncompromising quality. With its pioneering optimization pipeline and a fire-and-forget workflow, Umbra SceneStream takes the pain away from using your big 3D data in application development.

60 FPS

Umbra´s unique scene streaming technology allows your application to render vast datasets in real-time, at 60 FPS or higher — resulting in best-in-class definition and freeing up resources for running other functions within the app.


Umbra SceneStream ships as a Native SDK written in C with a cloud processing back-end maintained by Umbra. We also support and maintain C++ and JS bindings and direct integrations with Unity and three.js.

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Tommi Toija Studio

Data courtesy of Varjo Technologies

This model is a complete 3D scan of artist Tommi Toija's studio in Helsinki, Finland. After a day of shooting, the model was reconstructed from 2,500 photos (50 megapixels each) using off-the-shelf photogrammetry software, totalling 2.4B triangles and 525 4K textures. Umbrafied with input through CLI, the output was ready for browser integration with Umbra player.

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