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Obviously Bungie’s sci-fi shooter has been out for a fair amount of time and the game hasn’t been no stranger to us Umbrians. We’ve been raiding, looting and grinding for over a year now, some more actively than others. Recently published The Taken King -expansion got us all together again working for the greater good, which naturally is getting that pesky Oryx guy down. It’s not an easy task since the man has an army of Taken enemies and lieutenants on his side. In order to achieve that goal of ours, we had to work together as a one solid team – ain’t no easy task either.

Unlike in your average sci-fi shooter mission, everyone has to contribute a lot in the King’s Fall raid. There is no room for soloists or free riders, and the area won’t even allow much pointless wandering. You need your friends in order to kill bosses, find loot and to move around in that huge Dreadnought. You need someone to have your back while you are looking after your pals in return and taking a bullet for them if the situation calls for it. Obviously it’s not easy to get the dream team running like you’d hope for, and I’m gonna tell you why.

Firstly, if you suck at communicating as a member of a team, you’re screwed. The most important thing to recognize is the amount of information which is relevant for achieving your goal. Some people are more talkative than others, but there should be room for everyone to say those things that really matter  – if you are drowning your pals in an endless chatter about your day, the quiet ones won’t necessarily get heard. On the other hand, if you have a habit of going solo and focus only on your specific task, there is a chance of not communicating enough.

The key here is to create a battle plan. Not like the actual plan for battle, but the one where you decide the information you’ll need to know in any given situation. And then just roll with it, easy! But what if we end up at some crisis or unexpected situation, you might ask, and I’d say it won’t matter. You have the necessary communication set on minimum already, so everything else should go through – just remember to use your words wisely.

The second thing is to know a little bit of what people around you are doing. I’m pretty good plate runner in the final boss fight but boy do I suck at killing those Ogres fast enough. From time to time there is that situation where someone has to fill in for the missing member of the team – whether he’s dead at Dreadnought or fighting a flu at home – in order to stay on schedule. You might not be that good at it, but sometimes you just gotta do what needs to be done. That’s teamwork right there.

These are things we all know. If anything would just run by knowing stuff, we would already be kings and queens. It’s the execution part which always gets us on our knees. The third lessons is all about practice and accepting the fact that you are never ready. Just deal with it, and keep on doing your best with the team.

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