We announced some news, and boy did we party too!

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Like you may have noticed, we announced some great news last week. As a short recap, we did close a $3.4M Series A round of financing for developing our technology further. Our grand goal is to be able to stream and render any 3D content on any device in real time. It may sound a bit too high for anyone to achieve, but we actually have a working prototype ready. If you are in Helsinki by the way, please drop by to see the thing, it’s pretty amazing!

We had a party to go with the announcement as we Umbrians love to celebrate life and other successful things. Our venue was very modestly the Natural History Museum of Helsinki – all thanks to our buddies and party organizers at Macwell Creative. So we ended up having our CEO Otso and our lead investor Ilkka Kivimäki (who is also our new chairman) giving the welcome speech right next to a huge elephant, and having a fully equipped bar in the so called “bone room”. That’s a night to remember for sure!

The famous demo was also representing on site and we had tons of people checking it out during the night. That was one of the coolest things in the whole day – we know for sure that we have solid technology, but of course there is some heavy bias involved. It felt super great to have precious feedback from people outside the company, as our guests were the first ones to ever see the demo in public.

It wasn’t all business though. We had plenty of food and drinks to keep us going – some of us even ended up sleeping at the office couch.. So, to us the party was a great success, but I’m fairly confident our guests had great time too. We certainly did enjoy the company and the great discussion that were had among friends and new acquaintances so thank you all for that.

However, the party time is now over. We have our hands full of work, which is great as things are progressing nicely. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d have to throw another unforgettable night in near future, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Stay tuned for more news, there are some really cool things cooking up at our Umbra lab!

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