Umbra Featured in Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups 2016 by Wired

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If you are into technology or startups, you might know already that Wired magazine does this annual list of the most hottest startups in Europe. You know, companies that are going places and are having an impact – or the potential to do so. What makes this list so great is the method they use to put it together, as it’s all about the knowledge gathered from European investors, entrepreneurs and technologists instead of just an editorial team. These guys truly know what they are talking about!

For us it’s a great honor to be on the Helsinki list with nine other amazing companies full of brilliant and passionate people. Finns have this hard working attitude so it’s no wonder we have a lot of successful companies here outside of this list too.

Now, I don’t want to make this post all about us. We know we do good things here at Umbra, but I also want to highlight these other companies that made it to this years list as they are changing the world in their own unique ways too, and you shouldn’t miss it.

Finland is known for it’s mobile gaming success stories, so it’s no surprise we have companies like Futureplay, Seriously and Armada Interactive representing some of our finest talent in the developer scene. For social media we have two totally different companies – Futurefly’s Rawr Messenger offers a whole new take on interacting with your friends while helps marketers automate and optimize their Facebook and Instagram advertising. And for those of you who are hungry for the latest technology, the list gives you Solu, a world’s smallest computer with a cloud based OS and The Curious AI Company that operates in the field of advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Last but least, we have two companies tackling very common needs in a modern way. MONI offers prepaid MasterCards and an app to loan some interest free money to your friends – I’ve had my credit card information stolen three times this year while traveling, so I totally feel the need of a prepaid card. Another everyday need is food. Helsinki has been lacking a proper food delivery service for a quite some time, but luckily we’ve had some improvement within few years. Wolt has made everything super easy with an app that you can use both ordering and paying for your meal.

I can’t wait to see what other success stories we can read about next year!

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