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Senior Backend Developer

Helsinki / Tampere, Finland


Do you want to take the role of moving Umbra to the cloud? We are looking for a talented individual to take the responsibility of shaping and designing our technology for the cloud.

Here at Umbra we work with the very foundations of 3D graphics, the representation of the geometry itself, and are building a set of tools that enable displaying arbitrarily large 3D scenes on any platform. The processing of these huge models is performed in our cloud-based platform, spinning up hundreds of instances as needed.

Join our small but extremely competent backend team developing a world-class solution for distributed computation, storage and global delivery of petabyte scale 3D scenes!

Requirements for the position

  • Excellent Scala or Java skills
  • Experience in distributed computing, microservices and cloud platforms (Akka, Docker, AWS)
  • Ability to build end-to-end solutions
  • Good command of English, both written and spoken

General requirements to all positions at Umbra 

  • Being able to take initiative and to make things happen
  • Social personality and a good team player
  • Passion for video games is a plus


In the message field, please describe why you would be ideal for the position you are applying.

The portfolio can be anything that proves your skills to some extent: a github repository, a collection of articles you've written, your blog or even your LinkedIn profile.