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Junior Programmer

Helsinki, Finland


Want to learn the ropes and learn from the best? We are looking for a Junior Programmer that can work on all kinds of coding tasks. We mean coding too, not making coffee or fixing the printer. Programming tools, creating demos and doing cool stuff to impress our jaded engineers. You gotta be hungry for this one!

You need to have done things (Got anything for us on Github?) such as demos or some other works that you can impress us with. 

Check out Jasin’s very relevant blog post Pro tips for landing a job at Umbra.

Required skills

  • C++ programming
  • Skills or strong interest in 3D graphics programming
  • Any Experience in Unreal Engine, Unity and such would also be great

General requirements to all positions at Umbra

  • Being able to take initiative and to make things happen
  • Social personality and good team player
  • Passion for video games is a plus!


In the message field, please describe why you would be ideal for the position you are applying.

The portfolio can be anything that proves your skills to some extent: a github repository, a collection of articles you've written, your blog or even your LinkedIn profile.