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Senior Systems Programmer

Helsinki, Finland


Umbra’s solution will completely revolutionize what kind of 3D content can be visualized on the upcoming AR and VR platforms like the Hololens and the Google Daydream. Umbra is a complete solution consisting of game level designer and architecture tools, visualization applications and a 3D content optimization and delivery platform in the cloud – providing an automated workflow for bringing massive 3D environments to limited devices.

We are looking for an experienced systems programmer that is fluent in building and designing scalable and performance-critical systems, from highly optimized low-level software to massively parallel architectures. You will be working on our core product – optimization algorithms, time-critical real-time components and/or our multi-platform visualization tools.

Required skills

  • Excellent C++ and debugging skills
  • Good software engineering, architecture and design skills
  • Low level understanding of how CPU’s, GPU’s, compilers and OS’s work
  • Good understanding of embedded systems or 3D graphics fundamentals 
  • Good command of english. Both written and spoken

General requirements to all positions at Umbra

  • Being able to take initiative and to make things happen
  • Social personality and and good team player
  • Passion for video games is a plus!


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