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Umbra’s Occlusion Culling is the secret behind the 3D rendering performance for many of the biggest blockbuster video games

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Why Umbra?

Faster frame rate

Render only the objects that are visible to the player, nothing else.

Automates manual work

Eliminate the tedious work that level designers have to undertake for efficient visibility optimization.

Larger and more detailed levels

Instead of improving frame rate, increase the detail and size of your game world.


Same Umbra solution works on all platforms from desktop PC to console to mobile.


Occulsion Culling

Occlusion Culling

Render only that which is visible.

Umbra’s Occlusion Culling is automatic so it frees the level artists from modeling occluders or portal geometries. Umbra’s visibility query is CPU-based, does no dynamic memory allocations and is easy to distribute over multiple CPU cores.

Umbra’s Occlusion culling is based on rasterizing Umbra’s custom visibility data structure on the CPU.

Shadow Mapping

Optimization for Shadow Mapping

Umbra’s Shadow Caster Culling feature optimizes time spent in rendering shadow maps by determining which objects will cast visible shadows.

The depth buffer that is rasterized on the CPU for the main camera is re-projected to light space and a receiver mask is generated. The potential shadow casters are tested against this receiver mask.

Ray Casting

Ray Casting and Spatial Connectivity

Umbra’s custom data structure, or the Spatial Database, can be used to optimize various gameplay features. For example, the super fast Ray Cast Query can be used to implement various AI spatial awareness operations, identify spawn locations or implement audio occlusion.



The Umbra SDK license covers the rights to use Umbra in one product on all the platforms: PC, Console, Mobile and VR/AR.


All the licensees have access to all the updates to the C++ API, online documentation and responsive customer support over email or phone.


Our flexible pricing takes into account the size of the studio and its development budget, so that you don’t have to be a massive AAA studio to be able to use Umbra.


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