”Our long-standing partnership with Umbra has yet again delivered transformative technology which gives Unity an edge in rendering performance. For instance, the new shadow caster culling massively reduces rendering time for big amounts of shadow casting lights and the incremental bake feature reduces iteration time significantly”

co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Joachim Ante, Unity

Umbra allows Fallout 4 artists to create massive open worlds filled with content without any technical limitations.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III uses Umbra’s automated occlusion culling on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“By using Umbra, frame-rate performance could be improved over two times than before in characteristic scenes. The tool is extremely easy to use with a simple API build that allows paralleling computation to be handled with ease.”

FINAL FANTASY XV development team

Rocksteady’s technological masterpiece, Batman: Arkham Knight, uses Umbra to power-up its massive open world of Gotham City.

”Umbra’s technology plays an important role in the creation of Destiny’s universe by freeing our artists from the burden of manual markups typically associated with polygon soup.”

Hao Chen, Senior Graphics Architect, Bungie

“Level artists are there to fill the world with content. Integrating Umbra saved us not only artist time but the time to create and maintain an efficient visibility culling solution. Umbra’s support provides us with the solutions and features that we need”

Török Balázs, Lead Engine Programmer and Przemysław Czatrowski, Programmer, CD Projekt RED

Umbra is helping Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex Universe to realize its next-gen vision.

“For Remedy, it was a natural choice to keep working with Umbra and their visibility optimization technology. The technology is easy to work with, the Umbra team provides great support if needed, and the benefits for performance are huge. We hope to keep on using Umbra and its latest versions for a long time to come.”

Markus Mäki, CTO of Remedy Entertainment Ltd.