Any 3D content, any device

Umbra automatically optimizes any 3D content – allowing you to choose the outcome between graphical fidelity and real-time performance – to be displayed on any device.

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Improve Frame Rates, Increase Details

Umbra’s 3D rendering optimization helps game developers to improve frame rates or increase the detail and size of their game worlds without any manual labor. Whether it’s a cutting edge FPS or a massive open world RPG, Umbra automatically optimizes the content to support your needs – saving both graphics performance and artists valuable time.

Umbra renders only what is visible to the player and is available for free evaluation on any platform.

Visualize Large and Complex 3D Models

With a single press of a button, you can choose between graphical fidelity and performance, letting your content run on any device from a high end computer to a low capability smartphone. Umbra allows you to create complex 3D models of cities, buildings or cars – whatever you need –  and bring them into life in virtual or augmented reality. Visualizing large amounts of 3D data has never been this easy.

Umbra 4 optimizes large 3D scenes for any platform and is available for beta testing.



Works on All Platforms

Umbra runs on virtually any modern CPU and does not depend on any specific hardware or external software. All computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles are supported.

All major engines, such as Unity and Unreal Engine support Umbra. In addition, Umbra has been shipped in a huge number of games and other applications, many of which run completely custom engines.

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